DRUG PROPHETS is a Montréal based Art Collective/Clothing Brand with strong roots to graffiti dating back over 20 plus years. We strive to represent Montréal's diverse culture and lifestyle with our authentic designs and unique sounds translated through music.
D.R.U.G. stands for "Don't Rest Until Greatness". PROPHETS represents entrepreneurial visionaries such as fashion designers, musicians, graffiti writers, tattoo artists, barbers, skateboarders, culinary artists, sex workers, car enthusiasts, etc... All these freethinking individuals share one common ideal....being a visionary, clairvoyant, foreseeing positive things to come and always keeping the 3rd eye wide open.
 D.R.U.G. PROPHETS are individuals who truly have the drive that keeps us going. It’s what gets us up and out of bed to do what needs to be done, day after day, simply to succeed with purpose and without permission.

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